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With all the aircraft’s that are flying at one time, any one of them could be subject to an Aircraft-On-Ground situation. That is why Drift Aerospace delivers…

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How important is it that your fleet continues flying?

At Drift Aerospace, we understand that it is of the utmost importance that your fleet stays in the air as long as possible. That is why we have built Drift Aerospace to be perfect for AOG service. Our software is cloud based meaning that all of our AOG represenatives will have access to our system wherever they may be! We can log in from any device and verify a part number is in stock. We can process your transaction and have the paperwork and trace you need during this critical time. We will then get your aircraft part you need as fast as you can!

Set up your courier service and rest at ease!

(AOG) Aircraft-On-Ground Service

24 Hours per day, 7 Days per week! 365 Days per year!

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AOG Service combined together

We carry thousands of rotable and consumables in stock. We update ILS daily to ensure we have the most accurate part information available to our Customers. Our inventory automatically loads nightly all components including any As Removed units we have available. That is not what your fleet needs during an AOG situation which is also why our database will automatically upload parts sent to the shop to ensure most exposure to our customers. It updates our condition code to Serviceable or Overhauled condition. If you can’t find us on ILS, be sure to include our AOG email on your Distibution Request’s or send an email to our AOG email directly!

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AOG Phone Number

After Hours our specialized phone system will automatically ring all of our Account Manager’s. We keep someone designated to handle any AOG situations that may arise. 


AOG Email

Our system will automatically route your AOG email to the appropriate staff to ensure your Request for Quote is answered in as little time as possible!


PickUp Address

We have material all over the world. Be sure to verify your pickup address prior to pickup time. We will verify pickup information along with appropriate weight and dimensions!

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