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Consignment Management

We are experts when it comes to managing inventory! We are always partnering with various customer’s and vendor’s to create a new support channel for surplus inventory. Our experience allows us to market and supply inventory no longer needed by operator’s and surplus provider’s. We store and manage all excess inventory while providing you with monthly reports on status of inventory. Our consignment program is a great opportunity for operators and surplus dealer’s to get rid of excess inventory they may no longer need while still generating revenue on retired material. For more information regarding our consignment program, please reach out to a member of Drift Aerospace.

Segregated, Protected, Managed

Drift announces consignment with 
Amerijet International

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Amerijet International. This ongoing partnership to not only store their retired inventory but to support their Airline operations through stores. Drift Aerospace has taken in all of Amerijet’s previous 727 fleet to help solve thier storage problem of retired inventory. Furthermore our partnership also brings in 767 material consigned from their updated fleet!