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A Leader with unlimited potential and support in the aerospace powerplants industry.

The Drift Aerospace team brings over 45 years of experience working in the aerospace powerplants industry and provides a suite of services at unmatched efficiency without the overhead of large organizations.

We offer support for various aircraft platforms! If you do not see your airframe platform supported, please be sure to reach out to a member of our powerplant division!

Through our global network of strategic partnerships with key operators, MROs, and trading organizations, Drift Aerospace has an active pipeline of material and a customer base across a wide array of platforms including:

Turbofan Support

o CF34-3/-8/10E
o CFM56-3/-5/-7B
o CF6-50/-80
o V2500
o PW2000
o PW4000
o AE3007
o TRENT 700
o TRENT 800
o RB211

Turboprop Support

o PT6
o PW100
o PW150

APU Support

o GTCP85
o GTCP131-9A/-9B
o GTCP331-200/-350/-500
o PW901
o APS2300
o APS3200

The team is actively buying and selling whole assets, LLPs, core material and QEC for the above platforms in all conditions and can provide tailored solutions through outright sales, exchanges, lease and sale-leaseback programs to fit your organization’s specific needs.

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