About Us

We are an Aerospace Solution

Drift Aerospace is a aftermarket parts supplier. Dealing in Commercial, Regional, Military, and General Aviation. We support various customers from all over the world with very different fleet’s. Our Main warehouse is located in Hollywood, FL. We are located in South Florida between Fort Lauderdale International and Miami International Airport. Our inventory consists of different aircraft applications such as Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, ATR, Bombardier, Bell/Textron, and much much more!

Drift Aerospace is a sourcing specialist. With our vast knowledge of Aftermarket Applications, we not only carry a large inventory of parts however have access to a large amount of the Manufacturer’s. Some components are hard to source and that is where Drift Aerospace separates from the competition. Due to our in house teardowns, consignments and partnerships with major operators and large vendor and customer base, we have various operators that can assist with hard to find parts. Below are a few examples of components we support.

  • Airframe Components
  • Powerplant / Engine Components
  • (APU) Auxiliary Power Units


A few accomplishments we are proud of! We want to be a Aerospace provider you can rely on!


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