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About Us

We are an Aerospace solution!

Fixed Wing Applications,
Rotorcraft Applications, Military Applications, Powerplants, Storage, Consignments, Teardown’s

We are aviation enthusiasts

Drift Aerospace is a aftermarket parts supplier. Dealing in Commercial, Regional, Military, and General Aviation. We support various customers from all over the world with very different fleet’s. Our Main warehouse is located in Hollywood, FL. We are located in South Florida between Fort Lauderdale International and Miami International Airport. Our inventory consists of different aircraft applications such as Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, ATR, Bombardier, Bell/Textron, and much much more!

We are teardown Specialist’s!

Drift Aerospace is a soucing specilist for rotorcraft solutions. With our vast knowledge of Aftermarket Rotorcraft Applications, we not only carry a large inventory of rotorcraft parts however have access to a large amount of the Manufacturer’s. Some rotorcraft parts are hard to source and that is where Drift Aerospace seperates from the competition. Due to our large Rotorcraft customer base, we have various operators that can assist with hard to find parts.


Interested in which conferences Drift Aerospace attends? Below are a few of the major conferences we attend. If you know of another one, please feel free to let us know! We might see you there!

Our Years in Review!

Just a few items we have managed to accomplish



– Started Operations
– Moved into 300sqft facility
– Recieved Industry STandard Accreditation.
– Moved into 1200 Sqft Facility
– Purchased first package of Rotable Parts exceeding 3,000 components.



– Moved into new 4,000 sqft 
– Took on consignment with Amerijet International
– Doubled employee size
– Completed 3 727 Boeing Teardowns with Amerijet
– Purchased CFM56-3B1 from UTair
– Inventory Levels Increased to more than 10,000 items



– Moved to new 10,000 sqft facility
– Purchased N217AU ex-Lufthansa 737-300
– Purchased N514AT ex-Lufthansa 737-300
– Completed CFM56-3B1 teardown.
– Transitioned from Quantum/Component Control to Avsight
– Inventory Levels increase to over 50,000 parts.
– Doubled our Empoyee size.



– Dismantled CFM56-3C1 from Air Manas
– Purchased OB2138P 737-500 from Peruvian A/L for dismantle.
– Purchased OB2124P 737-500 from Peruvian A/L for dismantle.
– Purchased OB2140P 737-500 from Peruvian A/L for dismantle.
– Started Engine Asset Division managed by Brad Speranzo.
– More to come…



– To be Continued…

A few of the companies we work with…

Here are a few vendors and customers, we appreciate them!

**We are not responsible for the actions of these companies, we have done business with them and in no way or form do we endorse or respresent these companies.** 
Amerijet International
Lightning Air Spares
Skyteam International
AOG Logistics
Atlas Air
Azul Airlines
Allegiant Air
Max Air
Total Linhas Aereas
Focused Air
Lift Aerospace
MidAmerican Aerospace
Turbo Resources
United Airlines
Our Software!

Only the best
Software and Performance togetherer

In an effort to bring top of the line Quality and Performance to our customers we made the switch to Avsight! An online Cloud based Aviation Software designed for aviation companies!

Learn More about Avsight

Drift Aerospace is a privately owned company.

Our staff has over 100 years of Aftermarket Aircraft experience.

Drift Aerospace is a GREEN company. Whenever possible we try to prevent any printing in our facilities. We do this to try to keep the environment safe!


We are a Veteran owned company.


Our Company has employee’s that hail from all over. We have a diverse staff from many different places and different countries.


Drift carries AC-0056b accreditation. Also certified with TAC2000 and ASA coming soon.


We have one of the world’s greatest financial consultant’s. 


Unlike other companies, Drift has a very low margin profile on sales. This allows us to be more competitive in the market.


Drift is a family friendly business. We all have families and will treat you as part of ours!


Drift has the lowest employee turn over rate. In fact we have never lost any of our employee’s. Meaning you keep a reliable Account Manager.


Our employee’s combine to speak over 5 languages


Our Partners are comprised of Rotorcraft Pilot, Maintenance Technician, and a top World renowned Financial Consultant

Drift Aerospace has recently joined the NBAA

We are pleased to announce we are new members of the
National Business Aviation Association!

To Find out more about the National Business Aviation Association please click below!

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