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Don’t worry! The process is simple! We are always looking for diverse people to join our staff. We are a growing company and are always interested in bringing on key induviduals who we feel will help our success!

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Completely Confidential!

At Drift Aerospace we understand everyone runs into bad situations. That is why we make the promise that if you apply with Drift Aerospace, we will keep any and all applicants completely confidential. We make sure that all information shared is kept completely confidential. We will protect your privacy!

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No Experience Necessary

The best part about Drift Aerospace is we enjoy investing in our employee’s. That is why we like to build and grow from within our company. Most induviduals are promoted from within to higher positions. We like to train our employee’s to ensure correct procedures.


We offer various benefits including but not limited to: 401K with company percentage match, Paid Vacations, Personal Days, Corporate paid travel, Flexible Hours, Quarterly Bonuses, Corporate Credit Card, Etc.


We are a global company. We provide our services to corporations all over the world! You will get to visit and travel to various places around the world. You will also cultivate long lasting relationships with people from all over!


How about going to inspect and climb into a large commercial aircraft?! We purchase complete airframe’s and teardown the assets. This allows us to bring our employee’s to learn how to evaluate and inspect various aircrafts and engines around the world. 

Our Family

Drift Aerospace is a privately owned company. This means you will not deal with a giant board and get treated as if you were just a number. At DRIFT all of our employee’s matter!

Flexible Hours!

Watch a Boeing 737-300 get destroyed!

No induvidual was hurt in the filming of this video! It is a short video showing a Boeing 737-300 getting destroyed after completion of a teardown!

Enjoy the best
experiences and work! Time to ENJOY what you do!

We take pride in our company. Our employee’s enjoy working here! Don’t believe us? Find a member of our team and feel free to ask them. We always strive to make a better enviroment for our employee’s. Our success is there success!

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