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Search above for support or scroll down for additional information and frequently asked questions. Our mission at Drift Aerospace is to provide you with the smoothest experience. If you still have questions, no problem! Reach out to a friendly member of our staff for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our standard return policy is 14 days. (Must have reason for returning). All returns must be requested within 14 days of Invoice date. If no contact is made to Drift Aerospace within 14 days from Invoice Date, the material will be considered Accepted As-Is, Where is.

We accept returns only with an RMA. Please request an RMA (Return Material Authorization) from your Account Manager at Drift Aerospace. Prior to any return being commenced, any component that was shipped with an authorized 8130-3 Form from an approved FAA Certified Repair station must be re-inspected for warranty evaluation by the original issuing FAA certified repair station. Drift Aerospace will provide a warranty repair order for all units.

Any order that is cancelled or returned after original shipment may result in a Re-Stocking fee up to 25%.

If a unit is returned without a RMA, the return will not be accepted and the invoice will remain open.

If you remove a part from a higher assembly or retest a unit in any form, it will void warranty and return considerations.

Any Special Orders are unable to be returned. Please check with your Account Manager to see if your order qualifies for an RMA.

Unless specified in writing, all material sold by Drift Aerospace or it’s affiliates are considered to be sold AS-IS Where IS.

If a component sold with an Authorized Release Certificate (8130) is re-tested by another FAA-145 repair station without approval, it will void any and all warranty or return considerations. Any unit that is removed from a higher assembly or inspected by another FAA-145 repair station will void any return or warranty consideration and the unit will be considered Accepted As-Is, Where Is.

We only offer the warranty from the FAA 145 repair station. There are some special circumstances. In some cases Drift Aerospace may offer additional warranties. In order to be valid, the customer must have some form of proof from Drift Aerospace agreeing to additional warranties. If no additional warranty was offered then we only offer the warranty of the FAA 145 repair station located on your component’s Airworthiness Release.

Normal Overhaul’s are 12 Months from Tag Date (Warrantied by the FAA Repair Station)
Normal Repair’s are 6-12 Months pending the repair station. (Warrantied by the FAA Repair Station).

Normal Tested units, do not carry warranties as the FAA 145 Repair stations normally do not offer warranties on tested units. We may offer a 100% Replacement Guarantee on our tested units. Although we may offer replacement’s it is not mandatory. Be sure to check with your Account Manager.

In the event a warranty is denied by the FAA 145 Repair Station, the customer will be responsible for any and all related charges associated with the warranty return including but not limited to: Re-Certification costs, shipping, evaluation fee’s, etc.

Drift Aerospace is not an authorized Repair Station nor do we represent as such. We in no way or form can guarantee the airworthiness of the material supplied. We supply all Tested, Inspected, Serviceable and Overhauled components with a FAA Form 8130-3 from a certified Federal Aviation Administration Authorized Repair Station with an appropriate Certification number. To the best of our knowledge FAA Certified 145 repair station’s are authorized to inspect, identify and perform work on components in which they are certified with the FAA and carry the appropriate capabilities. All units are certified to be Airworthy by the FAA Repair Station, not Drift Aerospace. Work Performed by the FAA Repair Station in Block 11. Status/Work will determine the condition and airworthiness of a component listed in the FAA Form 8130-3. Drift Aerospace in no shape or form represent’s the FAA Certified Repair Station. 

All units that are shipped from Drift Aerospace will come standard with a 8130 Dual Release from a Certified FAA 145 Repair Station.

We do have a large amount of consignment material. Some of these components 8130 may be different so please make sure to verify the Release information at time of sale!

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365. Please give us a call at (954) 289-0056

Yes we offer AOG (Aircraft on Ground) service. In the event there is an AOG, an additional fee up to $500 can be charged outside of normal shipping hours. For more information please visit:

We offer various payment method’s. For more information on what payment’s we accept please contact your Account Manager.
– If paying with a Credit Card there will be a convenience fee (Non-Refundable) that will apply. For more information please contact an Account Manager.
– If paying via Wire Transfer an additional fee (Non-Refundable) of $25.00 will apply.
– If paying via International Wire Transfer an additional fee (Non-Refundable) of $50.00 will apply.

Failure to include any of these fee’s in your payment may cause delay in shipping or releasing your order. Failure to include could result in additional fee’s on your next order.

At Drift Aerospace we have a shelf life program to regulate any and all items that have either a Shelf Life or Expiration date. We do audits on our inventory and remove any expired components.

At Drift Aerospace we have a complete Quality Control Manual. We complete internal audit procedures to verify we are in compliance. We also provide training to our employee’s to make sure they are up to date on our standards and quality.

At Drift Aerospace we have a ZERO tolerance drug policy. 

All of our components are fully traced back to an appropriate source. All units will come with Trace back to a 121, 129, 145, Foreign or OEM source. 

Customer’s are responsible for any and all shipping fee’s. All order’s must be shipped on Customer Account. Any charges that are billed back for shipments on customer’s accounts will be automatically invoiced and due immediately upon receipt.

When shipping order’s, all orders will only come with 8130/Teardown. All of our components are traced to an appropriate 121, 129, 135, 145, Foreign or OEM Source. All documentation will be available for download or email from Drift Aerospace. All paperwork when possible will be sent Digitally!

If you would like to request Trace/Paperwork to be included in your shipment, please let your Account Manager know.

Yes we ship internationally and everywhere in the world! If shipping international, customer will be responsible for all fee’s, taxes, and shipping related expenses. Customer will also be responsible for providing their OWN commercial invoice.

Our normal shipping hours are Monday through Friday between 9am and 3pm. Courier Pickup starts at 11am however we can accommodate earlier pickup times. 


Any and all components sent from Drift Aerospace will be packaged to industry standard! We use reinforced tape to protect our packages to make sure your components stay safe during transit. 

Any items that are required to ship in specialized DOT containers will ship in their appropriate containers. We carry most in stock however should the event arrise that a container we do not have, since we are located primarily in South Florida, we can procure most containers Same Day.

To the best of our knowledge, any inventory items that are identified as HAZMAT or Dangerous goods, will be informed upon Quoting. We offer complete HAZMAT shipping for any and all items. We will include any perinent information required such as MSDS or UN code.

Although we are not a certified FAA Repair Station, we still take great pride in our work. At time of shipping we make sure we have incoming and outgoing photos on all of our units. We inspect each part to the best of our ability to prevent any components with issues from leaving our facility.

Any units that are sent to a FAA 145 Repair Station and are deemed BER are kept completely segregated. We have an internal BER Cage to prevent any material that has been deemed BER to be mixed with our inventory.

All Non-Conforming parts are kept completely seperate from our inventory. In the event we recieve any non-conforming components, we return to our vendor or OEM. At no point do any parts enter our inventory.

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